Most of the students ,parents considers that if one prepares for entrance exams like ( JEE ,NEET etc.) then one would be able to manage very good scorecard in Board exams many of the educationists also do support this myth ,but the fact is that the preparation of board exams is completely different it needs a different approach.

If one student digest its school text books with a deep understanding of concepts then he has more chances to secure a good rank in entrance exams also, but it is not necessary that if a student having a good grip on MCQ approach then he would manage good percentile marks in board exams

Most of the time very excellent students even don’t know what to write and how to write for a given question and at last most of the parents have to be disappointed with the overall results of their child.

That is the only reason MODULUS coaching first of all focus on the basics of text book and get writing practice multiple times of text book question answer and exercises then after we carry the students at deeper understanding level  of MCQ approach for entrance exams .

Due to this unique strategy MODULUS has not only been producing All India Rankers in  engineering and medical entrance exams but also toppers in CBSE and Gujarat Board .

To get  best out students we teach the students in Board wise  separate batches; We conduct separate batches for

  • CBSE / ISC
  • Guj Bord ( Eng medium)
  • Guj Board ( Gujarati medium)